How To Make The National News In Myrtle Beach

Dated: 01/05/2019

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Last week Myrtle Beach made National Headlines!  It wasn't a gruesome murder, Presidential speech or even a catastrophic weather event! From Twitter, Google, Facebook to Major National News outlets, Myrtle Beach was once again famous! Comments were numerous. The curious, the concerned, the City of Myrtle Beach police, a few Coastal Carolina Professors, animal rights activists, uneducated guessers, troll carnivores and even knowledgeable professionals tuned in to visit or comment on this spectacular event! 

With all of this coverage one would think it was a grand affair... I suppose to some it was.

A lonesome Harbor Seal made its way to the shores of our Grand Strand for a few hours of rest. The local news posted the sighting and the gawking from beach goers.

Police had to form a barricade to separate the seal from the barrage of virgin, beached, live seal enthusiasts. Folks came from all around the county to take in this act of nature. 

Then the local news posted the sighting and the gawking from beach walkers and sight seekers. Link below!                                                Image title

Turns out a lone Harbor Seal in Myrtle Beach is a  worthy new event for some, especially those without knowledge of sea animal habitat and behavior. 

The comments being posted were hilarious to annoying, " Why aren't they putting water on it"  "Isn't someone going to save this precious baby" to " I wonder how that would taste on the grill"!   As an amateur nature lover I know that seals are mammals and breathe air, enjoy the sun and rest along the coast so all of these comments were alarming at most. As not to offend anyone I will keep my thoughts on those type of comments to myself but, I highly recommend that folks who are unfamiliar with creatures, at least do a google search to learn about that creature before posting ridiculous remarks!

I will  admit that it's very rare to see an Harbor Seal this far south but it is nothing like a whale beaching itself!  Many folks were acting as if it were one in the same! Even some me news outlets even posted that a seal was"washed ashore" in Myrtle Beach! 

I am no where near a marine biologist but I watch tons of nature documentaries so I am quite aware that seals swim to shore to rest and sun. When they are ready they go back out in the ocean to continue their journey, feed and do what ever seals to do in the ocean! I have also been to California's La Jolla Beach to see the huge seals and sea lions that gather there to breed, rest and sun. I stayed at a distance since these animals are a protected species. I have read that so many tourists are flocking to see these beautiful creatures that they are loving them to death! Check out this article from USA Today!                                                               

The Harbor Seals natural habitat is usually further north in the Atlantic and the Pacific, so it safe to say they prefer cool waters. Occasionally a few will venture further south and end up on a Carolina beach yes, even Myrtle Beach!  These mammals may be having to travel further south to find adequate food for there robust appetite or they may have just wanted to become famous by swimming to a place where they'd make National News, which they accomplished.


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