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It's that time of year again, and some people will have the unfortunate experience of encountering the painful "jellyfish sting".   The only way to avoid it 100% is to stay out of the water.  Staying out of the water on a hot summer day is not an option.  Going to the beach prepared for what "might" happen is your best option!

According to Popular Science, Jellyfish have cells in their tentacles called Nematocysts.  These cells, nematocysts, contain barbed or venomous coiled thread that is used as a defense mechanism or to capture it's prey.  When you are stung, the jellyfilsh leaves these threads in your skin, releasing a very painful poison.  Careful not to scrape or apply pressure, as that will cause more poison to be released into your system, causing even more pain.  

There are many remedies that have been used over time, urine, sea water, and vinegar is applied to deactivate the threads.  Then some apply sand and use it as a scrub to try and remove the threads, others use a plastic card, and some use tweezers.  When my daughter was stung once, we used the vinegar and sand method.  She was fine after a few hours.   According to Popular Science, in a pinch, Vinegar is your best option with tweezers.  However, you can be prepared to handle the worst stings just by purchasing "STING NO MORE"  which you can find at ( and keeping it in  your beach bag.  As a bonus, this also works on fire ant bites which are also very painful!  I have not used this product, but it was recommended by Popular Science

 It is important to remember that some people may be allergic, so just watch for any ANAPHYLAXIS  signs.

I have been here my entire life and have only experienced being stung once.  I am still here to talk about it, and I have never stopped enjoying our beaches and creeks!  For those of you who just don't want sand in your shoes, we have plenty of fresh water options!  

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