Beware There Are Seed Displays Out In January

Dated: 02/03/2019

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Not sure what it is about Seed Displays?

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A quick trip into Wal-Mart for a few grocery items has now turned me into a part-time gardener for the Spring! 

I was over in the toy section with my 8 year old, soon to be 9, trying to see what he might like for his birthday this year. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Smack dab between the Toy section and Lawn and Garden, there is was, right in the center of the isle, a huge display of Ferry-Morse Seeds!

 I tried not to look, I know my weaknesses...but oh, those beautiful "Sunflowers" would look so pretty by the fence this year with some blue "Forget Mo Not" under them. 

Then I spotted those variegated "Zinnia" Wow, they would look good mixed in with my solid colored ones!

The "Coleus" add such beautiful colors everywhere and the "Gaollardia" they should fit right in with my "Lantana" by my "Sabal Palm" trees.Image title

While I really enjoy flowers and are beautiful to look at, I also love fresh herbs!  Which are very useful in the kitchen.  So, I decide "Purple Basil" and "Image titleCilantro" would be easy to grow in the little clay pots with water trays, that were located on the shelf by the seed starting trays. 72 holes in each flat, three of those should be enough.  Six clay pots should do and I had to be sure to get the special seed starting dirt to ensure healthy plants.

On the other side of the display were the tomato seeds. Oh man, "Roma" tomatoes to go with the cilantro...fresh salsa this summer!  

Okay, that wasImage title more than enough seeds for me to deal with and as I was leaving that marvelous display there on the end were these *NEW "Sow Easy" packs of seeds, which are covered in a purple, nutrient rich coating.  A must try item. They were amazing looking seeds and the flowers were something that I would love to see in my yard or perhaps in a nice ceramic pot. Just two different type, that is it! 

I have to walk away!  I now have a dozen packs of seed to start! Image title

I am not sure how this will all turn out but I am going to attempt to grow most of my plants from seed this year.  I will get some help from my son who's birthday is this month. Instead of buying him some type of toy we're going to make it a day of seed starting, which I am sure he won't mind. (Ba Ha Ha) 

Okay, we may have to go to the arcade for a few hours, see a movie and a birthday dinner too.  I hope he doesn't want to go to Wal-Mart to look for a toy though. 

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