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Want a Beach Vacation Home? Want Income? Make sure you review this and ask the right questions!


Buying a beach house of your own to come back to year after year is a great luxury, but not one that should be approached casually. Your beach vacation house is an investment and must be researched with all the care and caution you put into finding your first home. If your beach house purchase leaves you worrying about your financial future, you will not enjoy it.


Step 1

Congratulations! If you have already decided that Myrtle Beach is the place for you, you have completed Step One. There are many types of homes available all along the Grand Strand, oceanfront condos, beach cottages, townhomes and houses.

 Step 2

Set up a budget and research what it can buy you. Include costs suc...

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Apr 15 2012
1:30 pm

Posted By Beth Ross
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Do I Rent or Do I Buy!!


Renting Versus Buying

Not everyone needs to be nor wants to be a home owner and that is ok.  Don't get pressured into doing something that isn't right for you!  Take the time to research and get to feel comfortable with your decision!

First - take a look at a rent vs buy calculator -  make sure that your goals and lifestyle are important for home ownership. 

Here are a couple of tools to help in your decision process - Ginnie Mae Calculator Realtor Dot Com Calculator

Second - Find out if you are financially able to purchase a home. 

Get with your bank or a mortgage lender to determine WHAT you can afford.  You may think you might be able to afford something, but have y... Read Full Post →